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My name is Amanda. You can call me Amanda, or Mary Amanda, but seriously guys...don't call me Mary. My parents never did. I've always gone by my middle name, which confuses people...but "Mary Amanda" is so much more melodic than "Amanda Mary," don't you agree?

I'm 25 years old and working towards a Masters of Arts in Teaching in Secondary Mathematics (I want to teach high school math). I previously worked for two years as an after-school SAT prep and schoolwork tutor through a national company; I tutored kids of all ages in every subject imaginable. It was challenging and incredibly rewarding. My bachelor's degree is in Psychology from Georgia Tech, with a minor in International Affairs.

I went to high school in Cumming, GA, which is the closest thing I have to a hometown. By my 16th birthday, I had lived in 11 houses...ten of which were in the state of Georgia. So while I had a pretty mobile upbringing, my roots are definitely within the state of Georgia...my family has been living here since they were handing out land grants in the 1780's.

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frisky dingo / the daily show / the colbert report / heroes / scrubs / house / grey's anatomy / south park / family guy (pre-cancellation) / arrested development / the riches / monty python's flying circus


monty python and the holy grail / volver / fight club / steel magnolias / amelie / hitch / 40-year-old virgin


invisible monsters / choke / haunted / fight club / everything else Chuck Palahniuk's ever written (esp. earlier works) / harry potter / wicked / 1984 / brave new world / we / moloka`i / america: a citizen's guide to democracy inaction / i am america (and so can you!)

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